Kichu Krishnan

Kichu Krishnan


Like most at 22, I was a person with tremendous dreams for the future and my father died. The dreams turned into a search for survival and keeping the family together. I realized that my father died because of overwork and stress. In the next seven years of my life, I was clear that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. So I took and changed jobs that would help me in becoming an entrepreneur. I learnt technical, commercial and financially aspects in the different jobs I had but the whole idea was to become successful with money and a big company. Seven years later, I happened to do a workshop with EST.

It then became clear that I wanted to be successful but then I also realised that I could do that with minimal stress and tension. In addition, I also wanted to contribute to other people’s lives. I started dreaming again. I started on my journey of being successful with minimal tension and stress. That’s how began my quest to build WorkSmart for myself and then share it with others who wanted a successful life with minimum stress and tension.

In 1981, one of the Landmark Trainers taught me about time management and gave me a basic planning system. I got paranoid with that planning system in a strange way because I wanted to also find out how I could be successful in business and still have a happy life. I started studying the big names at that time in the space of time management – Franklin Covey, Time Manager International etc. I practiced all my learning in the period between 1981 and 1991. In 1991, with all my learnings and experience of being an entrepreneur, I started WorkSmart.

The first company that I did the workshop for was Texas Instruments. Then the word spread and I took WorkSmart to Motorola, Infosys, Earnest & Young, AT&T, Yahoo, Avaiya, Ariba, Fidelity and many more.



  • Trained over 60,000 people in over 35 years since 1979
  • Conducted workshops world over, including countries like U.S.A, Italy, Australia, Nigeria, India, among others.
  • An Executive Coach for CEOs and senior executives of top Indian organisations
  • A restaurateur and a Board member of MAYA, an NGO


Personal Mentorship
Leadership development

Education & Training

NLP  course with Richard Bandler

NLP Practitioner with Will Horton

NLP Practitioner and advanced course with Fr Dick Mcghugh

Language and Behavior Profile with Shelle Rose Charvet

Metaphor of Movements Andrew Austin

Metaphor of Business Andrew Austin

Integral Eye Movement Therapy with Andrew Austin

Kineseology by Psych-k with Elizabeth Powers

Passion in Action with Judith Delozier and Judith Lowe


“I’m Rashmi, I’m 43 years old. I’m a qualitative market research consultant, an organic farmer. I have my own theatre company and I’m also the treasurer of another theatre group. I also dance. I work with schools and children. I volunteer for different causes. I do many things. People ask me how to you find time for all this. My answer is in 1996, I did a workshop with Kichu and that was the beginning.”

Rashmi, market research consultant, organic farmer and theatre producer

“I did Kichu’s WorkSmart workshop 17 years ago. I learnt how to set and achieve goals in a systematically designed fashion instead of jumping head-on into it. I still use my Compass System. I’m always carrying it with me. Everything is in one place; my goals, my day-to-day activities and my ideas. Achieving my goals has become easier and easier now.”


“I did the workshop in 2006. I co-ordinate workshops for UseTime and also learn from them. Before doing this workshop, I only had a to-do scribbling pad on which I used to scribble. I started putting things down in my Compass System, things started happening. I don’t know how it happened but things started transforming. Just sharing the details of our lives with Kichu energizes us. He is a great mentor and friend.”

Jyothi Raman, UseTime Volunteer