Relationship Program

Relationship Program

About the Course

How to say

May be

‘I can’

To all ‘I can’t’s’?

“Can’t she/he see I’m feeling upset/sad?”

“How do I get my colleague to see my point of view?”

“I don’t know how to pitch my new idea.”

“Can’t they understand what I’m feeling/saying to them?”

“How do I understand him/her better?”

“What happened to my family time?”

“How can I be more social?”

“How do I regain the connection with few people who matter most in my life?”

Find your answer to these questions and others too

At the

CoRe (Communication and Relationship) Workshop

Tap the Power within You

Learn the tools to:

Manage your emotions, attitudes, behaviors, fears, doubts, insecurities, passions, hopes and desires that impact all your relationships.

Create the opportunities to have meaningful dialogue with your husband, wife, children, parents, boss, subordinates, customers, teachers etc.

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Course Details

  • Relationship Program will be 2 days workshop
  • Course fee: Rs. 3,500.
  • This course and fee will include
    • Lifetime email/telephone support
    • Access to a community of fellow CoRe practitioners
    • Access to a lifetime of resources


Paatashaala Learning Centre
3rd Floor Krishna Complex,
110/5, Lal Bagh Main Rd,
M Krishnappa Layout,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027.
Landmark: Above SBI


“I’m Rashmi, I’m 43 years old. I’m a qualitative market research consultant, an organic farmer. I have my own theatre company and I’m also the treasurer of another theatre group. I also dance. I work with schools and children. I volunteer for different causes. I do many things. People ask me how to you find time for all this. My answer is in 1996, I did a workshop with Kichu and that was the beginning.”

Rashmi, market research consultant, organic farmer and theatre producer

“I did Kichu’s WorkSmart workshop 17 years ago. I learnt how to set and achieve goals in a systematically designed fashion instead of jumping head-on into it. I still use my Compass System. I’m always carrying it with me. Everything is in one place; my goals, my day-to-day activities and my ideas. Achieving my goals has become easier and easier now.”


“I did the workshop in 2006. I co-ordinate workshops for UseTime and also learn from them. Before doing this workshop, I only had a to-do scribbling pad on which I used to scribble. I started putting things down in my Compass System, things started happening. I don’t know how it happened but things started transforming. Just sharing the details of our lives with Kichu energizes us. He is a great mentor and friend.”

Jyothi Raman, UseTime Volunteer