Cheenu G. Srinivasan

Cheenu G. Srinivasan


Cheenu is a “Happiness Coach” working with CEOs, CXOs, Executives and Individuals, spanning Life, Executive and Performance Coaching. He works with people from all walks of life, be they children or senior citizens,  helping them with living with Happiness, Health and Success. He practices “Truth Healing” as a contribution, helping people manage and handle, physical, mental and emotional issues. He specialises in working with people on “relationships” helping people nurture and have great relationships.

And yes, when he is not working with people, he is mostly out on motorcycle rides, golfing, or out becoming a better “barista” or checking out some foodie places. And yes, he is a voracious reader, constantly learning and ideating on how to use the knowledge to help others.

Cheenu brings close to 30 years of entrepreneurial, operations, management and mentor-ship experience. He founded one of the very first BPO companies in India, servicing well known Fortune 500 companies and other leading companies in various verticals. He has always been passionate about the development of people and all who have worked with Cheenu have gone on to become leaders of their respective business / operations units.

Cheenu helps people, enhancing their skills and aligning their beliefs to achieving their potential and achieving results that they themselves did not think possible. He brings his blend of business management, entrepreneurial and leadership experience, insights and, above all, the mission of transforming people to truly utilizing their true potential. He is extremely good at aligning teams and ensuring that they work as one towards a common goal.

He is certified as a practitioner in many disciplines including being a Master NLP Practitioner, LAB (Language and Behaviour) Profiling, NLP-K, Healing Corrections, Metaphors of Movement & Business and Integral Eye Movement Therapy. Cheenu is a  Chartered Accountant by qualification and has worked in Senior Business Leadership positions with companies like Aditya Birla Minacs (COO-KPO), Genisys Software (VP, Head BPO) Scandent Group (now Xchanging), ATS Services, Professional Management Consultants and Citibank.


“I’m Rashmi, I’m 43 years old. I’m a qualitative market research consultant, an organic farmer. I have my own theatre company and I’m also the treasurer of another theatre group. I also dance. I work with schools and children. I volunteer for different causes. I do many things. People ask me how to you find time for all this. My answer is in 1996, I did a workshop with Kichu and that was the beginning.”

Rashmi, market research consultant, organic farmer and theatre producer

“I did Kichu’s WorkSmart workshop 17 years ago. I learnt how to set and achieve goals in a systematically designed fashion instead of jumping head-on into it. I still use my Compass System. I’m always carrying it with me. Everything is in one place; my goals, my day-to-day activities and my ideas. Achieving my goals has become easier and easier now.”


“I did the workshop in 2006. I co-ordinate workshops for UseTime and also learn from them. Before doing this workshop, I only had a to-do scribbling pad on which I used to scribble. I started putting things down in my Compass System, things started happening. I don’t know how it happened but things started transforming. Just sharing the details of our lives with Kichu energizes us. He is a great mentor and friend.”

Jyothi Raman, UseTime Volunteer